Tree Removal

Tree removal is extremely dangerous, so leave it to the pro's. With years of experience and the right equipment we make it quick and easy. There are a couple different options when having a tree removed.

- First is complete haul away with a standard clean up. This is recommend.

-Second is haul away just the limbs 6" and smaller leaving all logs 7'' and larger cut into 4' to 6' increments with a quick clean up.

-Third is what we call a "Drop job" leaving the tree where it falls in the size of pieces it falls in.

All stump cuts are made just above the root flare.

Tree Trimming

There are many benefits to having your tree thinned out correctly. Aesthetically pleasing, addressing safety concerns,  proper development. There are different classifications when describing trimming.

Starting with the "Elite" trim. This is or most pristine pruning. It will include a head to toe sculpting with no restrictions on limb diameter.

Our "Class A" trim will include Weight reduction on heavy limbs, interior thinning, Dead and broken limbs removed, maintain shape, clear power lines and over structures. Limb restrictions are one and a half inches and larger.

"Class B" trim is nearly the same as "class A" except for the limb diameter is three inches and larger.

"Class C" is our basic trim witch would include only dead and broken limbs removed, clearing power lines and structures.

All trims include standard clean up and haul away.

Stump Grinding

There are a couple of reasons why you should have a stump ground out. If your replanting a tree near the same location, installing a driveway or walk way, if the tree species is invasive, HOA, or maybe its taking up valuable real estate. It is true that the stump will rot away over time. in most cases it takes over a decade. We can rid of that stump in a few hours. Our machine will grind the main root ball down 12 inches and remove large surface roots. Standard grind backfills the whole with the mulch that was produced. Our all inclusive package includes hauling all mulch filling whole with soil and landscaping the area.

Tree Evaluation

Your tree is as important to us as it is to you. Here in the Denver metro our trees are constantly in risk of insects, funguses, and malnutrition. Have us evaluate and get it on the road to recovery.

Other Services

Sky is the limit. We are always evolving to offer more to our clients. Landscaping, Sprinkler repair, French drains, Demolition , Debris hauling, Minor welding up to 3/8 inch,  Metal hand rails, window well replacement, Moving, and the list continues .

Next Steps...

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